Capsule Based Collections

You know those days where you have somewhere to be but despite trying on every single item in your closet you just can't seem to find a single outfit that does the job? Yea, I'm with ya girlfriend and I know there's truly nothing more frustrating.

...that's where Luminous comes in! Our new concept is truly going to improve the lives of busy women all over the country. It's going to save you time, money, and the stress of feeling like you can never keep up with the ever changing trends. "How, you ask?" Well...Capsule Based Collections!

Capsule Wardrobes are a cohesive mix of staple items that transcend seasons and ever changing trends by prioritizing functionality. It's minimizing your closet down to a manageable selection of pieces that you love. I know we all think having "options" is important but in reality the more pieces and clutter in our closet, the more likely we are to experience decision fatigue. Being more intentional with the pieces we buy will reduce waste, prevent impulse buying, and lead to more versatility!

If you're worrying about your closet being boring don't worry, your capsule collection can still show your personality. Picking a neutral color palette but then adding an accent pattern is a great way to still express your personal style! Accessorizing is also a great way to still feel fashion forward and on trend while keeping your closet streamline.

The Core Collection is our first of many capsule based collections. It's filled with staple pieces to get your capsule journey started. It's all the essentials that you don't think to buy and then realize how often you actually need. Ya know, like that white v-neck tee that pairs with literally everything.

We hope you are as excited about this new journey as we are! We understand pairing down and being more intentional with your purchases doesn't happen overnight. It's a mindset shift that will take some getting used to for sure. BUT we can do it together and here to walk alongside you and help answer any of your questions along the way.

Now go Marie Condo your closet and get this capsule collection started!